-50% på hela butiken fram till midnatt / FRI SPÅRBAR FRAKT
-50% på hela butiken fram till midnatt / FRI SPÅRBAR FRAKT


The products are regularly shipped 48 hours maximum after your order.

Generally speaking, orders are delivered within 5 to 7 working days (Monday to Friday).

To track your order, your tracking number is available by clicking on the link "view my order" you will find this link in our order confirmation or shipping confirmation emails.

Note: the tracking number is displayed approximately 4 days after shipment.

At the end of your order, you will receive a first confirmation e-mail and a second one indicating the shipment of your order.

Please keep an eye on the tracking of your order, it sometimes happens that your order is pending at the post office, however the delivery notice may not be present in your mailbox.

Good to know: the post office keeps your package for 15 days, beyond that it is returned to the sender, you will then be asked for compensation in order to re-ship your order.

When you order, you have two hours to cancel your order, via our contact form in the section, once this period has passed, a refund can only be made once we have received your order in full at our premises.

Tavernic cannot be held responsible if the delivery address is incomplete or erroneous.